Corporate Restructuring

Our approach to Corporate Restructuring is tailored for entrepreneurs and institutions who believe that their companies and business units can achieve superior result in growth and operating cash flow.
This approach is directed to companies’ owners and shareholders and in situations where the post-acquisition or post-merger integration is critical to preserve the value of the assets acquired.
Through decisive action on core strengths of the company, such as brands, products, sales channels and on points of improvement, such as management, capital structure, controls and tools, DealMaker assists entrepreneurs and institutions to change the level of their business.
Through the creation of a Steering Committee, DealMaker designs and monitors the implementation of the approved strategic plan for the company and executes operational projects of great impact in coordination with the executive team.

In our restructuring activities we...

  • Develop and review strategies and tactics, ensuring consistency and clarity and translating them into concrete action plans and goals;
  • Develop business solutions with large operational impact through the implementation of projects in strategic areas, and through the improvement of processes, people and attitudes;
  • Mobilize professionals with known performance to act as clients’ executives for a specified period, and to leverage existing management structures through better resources coordination;
  • Release internal financial resources through actions aimed at operational and organizational optimization, and develop alternative external financing when needed to enable growth initiatives or to eliminate financial bottlenecks.


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